Help us peer review new plans

We’re constantly developing new plans for Florence Light, which is why we’ve created a peer review team – and we’d love for you to join.

We need our plans to fit with both your patients’ and your own needs perfectly, so we’ve created this team to let you get involved in the creation and testing process of new plans.

The best quality of care

Peer reviews are often used by health professionals as a basic mechanism to improve quality care to patients. We are going to use this team to validate our research and evaluate our plans before they are put live. It will ensure that all of Florence Light’s plans are providing the best quality of care to patients.

Medical peer review is the process by which a committee of physicians examines the work of a peer and determines whether the work under review has met accepted standards of care.

Massive benefits

Getting you involved with our peer review team will massively benefit our plans, your patients, yourself and other GPs and clinicians using the service. You’ll be able to provide input when it comes to creating new plans, we’ll offer you some occasional discounts and we’ll recognise you as part of the team externally.

Get involved

Get involved and join us in making Florence Light the best it can be. There’s no commitment and your level of involvement is completely up to you. Let us know which new plans you’d like to see, help us create these plans or test the plans we’re almost ready to put live – it’s up to you.

If you’d like to join our peer review team or have any questions, get in touch with our support team.

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