Living with a Long Term Condition and how Telehealth can help

Living with a long term health condition is not always easy. With over 15 million people in the UK having at least one long term condition, it is vital that we make management of these conditions as simple and effective as possible.

Increasing numbers

The number of people with three or more long term conditions is set to increase from 1.9 million to 2.9 million by 2018. Consequently, patients with these conditions are taking up more NHS resources than ever before.

Patients with long term conditions account for:

  • 50% of all GP appointments
  • 64% of all hospital outpatient appointments
  • 70% of all hospital bed days
  • 70% of total health and social care spend

Innovative telehealth technology

With the introduction of innovative technology, it is now possible to reduce these numbers. Using telehealth allows patients to take back control of their own healthcare. Aziz Sheikh, Professor of Primary Care Research and Development believes that, “patients with severe long term conditions, such as problematic asthma and diabetes, telehealth care can reduce hospital admissions without increasing mortality”.

A study found, 88% of asthma patients felt safer while using Telehealth and 94% would be interested in using Telehealth again in the future. Telehealth not only allows patients to experience a better sense of independence, but also reduces pressure on services.

Gaining independence

Approximately 77% of people believe their on-going health problems could and should be managed independently at home. This want for independence demonstrates why people living with a long term condition are more likely to use health and care services. It is in the patient’s best interest to introduce better information and support so people can become more expert at self-managing their care.

Florence Light is a Telehealth application that helps patients gain better control and management over their long term health conditions and therefore reduce pressure on the NHS. Clinicians can use SMS to monitor the conditions of their patients, without interrupting the patients everyday schedule or face to face appointments.

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