Why should Practice Managers be using Florence Light?

New technology now plays an important role in improving patient care and is a key element of the GP Forward View.

With this in mind a growing number of practices have introduced digital health apps to help patients manage their own health conditions. Florence Light is an easy to use, accessible app that can help you improve the patient experience and reduce your workload.

The GP Forward View’s ambition for 2017 is to support the adoption and design of technology which:

  • enables self-care and self-management for patients
  • helps to reduce workload in practices
  • helps practices who want to work together to operate at scale
  • supports greater efficiency across the whole system.

Florence Light helps with achieving the following aims:

## Reduces workload

First Practice Management’s job satisfaction survey found, 75% of practice managers are stressed because of their heavy workload. Florence Light can help to ease the burden of admin work in your practice and ultimately save you time.

Practices have identified that one way of doing this is to assist patients in managing a greater proportion of their illnesses for themselves. The GP Forward View has advised practices to support those living with long-term conditions to self-care. This helps to improve patient outcomes, and over time, reduces the demand on general practice.

Improves the patient experience

The GP Forward View aims to introduce a greater use of technology to enhance patient care and experience.

Florence Light’s friendly, personal tone encourages communication and relationship building with patients and aims to enhance the patient experience through their condition with simplicity and ease.

Example conversation in Florence Light
Example conversation between Florence Light and a diabetic patient

Ruth Chambers, an experienced GP and Clinical Chair of Stoke-on-Trent CCG, says; “Digital technology offers great opportunities for transforming health and social care services and associated outcomes, and for improving the experiences of patients or service users and their careers.”

She continues, “There is a national drive to focus on supporting people in making the right health and care choices through digital access to health and care information and transaction.”

Cuts down on unnecessary appointments

A report within the GP Forward View estimated that around 27% of appointments could potentially be avoided if there was more coordinated working between GPs and hospitals and better use of technology to streamline administrative burdens, and wider system changes.

According to ‘Digital Healthcare: The Essential Guide,’ Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) can help to:

  • Save money by reducing unplanned hospital admissions and medication wastage
  • Increase convenience for patients, carers and practitioners
  • Enhance productivity of NHS and social care teams by allowing for fewer home visits or face-to-face consultations
  • Enhance clinical outcomes so people live longer in a healthier state.

Helps work towards a paper-free NHS

The GP Forward View also aims to achieve a paper-free NHS by 2020. Use Florence Light to achieve this goal by sending out reminders and communication by SMS rather than by letter. Florence Light can also cut down on appointment reminders overall by enabling patients to take more ownership of their own care and reduce needed appointments.

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