• What’s the difference between Florence Light and the original Florence app?

    Florence Light and the original Florence app both provide an excellent way to help patients via widely accessible text messaging. Although similar, they are separate telehealth products suitable for different uses. Florence Light has been designed specifically to help busy clinicians set up patients as quickly as possible with pre-configured plans and pay-as-you go style billing. The original Florence app is tailored for larger health organisations and has extensive customisation options. If you need help deciding which is best for you, contact our sales and support team for more information.

    • For individual teams in primary care such as general practices
    • The most commonly used patient plans
    • Ready made plans with simple customisable options
    • Online sign up
    • Easy reporting
    • Pay per plan
    • Cancel any time
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    No contract and free to test

    • Developed for CCGs
    • Suitable for a broad range of specific patient needs
    • Fully customisable and custom protocols
    • In depth reporting
    • In person training
    • Annual up-front subscription at group level
    • Community support
    Find out more about the original Florence app

  • What if my organisation already has Florence?

    If your organisation already has an active Florence subscription with Simple Telehealth, it is still possible to join Florence Light. However, as they are different products, patient data, plans/protocols, user information, message credits and billing will continue to be separate. If you would like to chat about how you can get the most out of your existing Florence subscription, please get in touch.

  • How much does Florence Light cost?

    You only pay for the plans you add – there’s no annual contract and no up-front fees. Every plan is different – some fixed price, others monthly – so prices vary slightly. Get more information about pricing and available plans.

  • Can I pay by credit card or Direct Debit?

    Once you have active patient plans, you’ll start receiving invoices at the end of each month.

    When you receive your invoice you can choose to pay however suits you best. If you’d like to pay by direct debit, please get in touch to request a direct debit mandate.

  • Is a volume discount available for large organisations?

    Our pricing is on a per plan basis. However, if you’re using Florence Light across a large organisation, then please get in touch to discuss options.

  • Can I test for free?

    As a Florence Light user, enroll yourself as a test patient by adding your mobile number to your profile. You can then run the ‘test’ plan for free so you can get a sense of the patient experience and see your responses in your test patient record as if it were real data.

  • What preconfigured patient plans are available now?

    You can browse a full list of currently-available patient plans in the app. Just sign up or log in and go to the ‘plans’ section via the link in the main menu at the top of the screen.

  • How often do you add new plans?

    We are constantly developing new plans for Florence Light to ensure the system is as useful as possible. We’d like the plans created to reflect those that you and your patients are asking for, so we’re always happy to receive suggestions for new plans. We can then create plans that are going to be used to help your patients.

    Please get in touch if you’d like to suggest a plan for Florence Light and let’s have a chat.

  • My organisation has two Florence Light accounts – can I merge them?

    Yes, this is usually possible. You will need to contact our support team with details of the accounts to merge, inlcuding the account holders’ contact details. We will perform some security and information governance checks before merging the team accounts for you.

  • How do I join my organisation's Florence Light team?

    If your organisation already has a Florence Light team, it is usually best to join it, rather than create a new account. To join a team, ask someone who has permission to manage your Florence Light team to log in and send you an invite via the team page.

  • I'm not a clinician can I still use Florence Light?

    Florence Light is designed for clinicians to use to help support their patients. If you’re a patient and you think you may benefit from it, have a chat with your doctor. If you’re a medical professional and you think it may help your patients, you should sign up for Florence Light and give it a try for free. If a relevant plan isn’t available, contact us with a suggestion.

  • Can I get email notifications about new plans?

    Yes, we regularly send updates and notifications about new plans and developments via email. If you’re not yet signed up to receive these emails, sign up here.

  • Can I follow news and updates about Florence Light on social media?

    Yes, you can follow Florence Light on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll post regular updates and case studies showing how the app’s being used by GPs and clinicians. We’ll also post about new plans or features we add to Florence Light so you and your patients can start benefitting from these straight away.

  • What’s the long-term plan for Florence Light?

    We plan to continually develop and improve Florence Light by developing new health plans for you to use to help your patients with their long-term conditions. We’d like the plans to reflect those that you and your patients are asking for, so we’re always happy to receive suggestions for new plans. We can then create plans that are going to be used to help your patients.

    Please get in touch if you’d like to suggest a plan for Florence Light and let’s have a chat.

  • Who makes Florence Light?

    Florence Light is a product owned by Mediaburst, a trading name of SRCL Limited. We are a company registered in England and Wales under company number 03226910. Our registered office is Indigo House, Sussex Avenue, Leeds LS10 2LF.

    Florence Light is supplied by Mediaburst under licence from Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group. (Patent GB2483829 ‘Messaging System and Method’ and UK Trademarks 2560156 ‘Flo’ and 2560158 ‘Florence’).

    Mediaburst have been around for over 15 years, processing millions of text messages each month.

    We run four main text messaging services:


    Two telehealth messaging apps, Florence Light and Florence


    A simple online SMS service, used to send and receive text messages with ease


    A text message API for software developers


    An SMS survey application

  • What are your security and confidentiality credentials?

    You can view all of Florence Light’s security and confidentiality credentials on our Safe and secure page.

  • Have another question?

    Try our help articles or get in touch with our friendly support team for a chat.

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