As a clinician, you’re always in control

Consider Flo a member of your team. She’s there to help, not take over. She’ll provide you with better data to make clinical decisions with and will give extra support to your patients.

You decide what’s best for your patient

You set your patient up with a plan using your PC or tablet

Flo sends messages to your patient, who responds as needed

You review the readings and decide on an appropriate course of action

Supports a range of common conditions

Florence Light’s messaging plans help patients with a range of conditions, including COPD, Hypertension, Diabetes and Asthma. And more are being added all the time.

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Types of readings and messages

Some plans ask for readings such as blood pressure, heart rate or temperature. Some specific conditions, such as COPD or diabetes might ask for sputem colour or blood sugar. It all depends on what’s needed.

Many plans include reminders or regular motivational and educational messages, helping your patient learn how to manage their condition better or to make positive lifestyle changes.

Blood pressure

Heart rate

Blood oxygen


Sputem colour

Blood sugar




Get an overview of available plans or sign up for free and experience a plan for yourself.

Pre-configured plans

Florence Light is all about saving you time. Add a patient messaging plan and Flo will only ask you to personalise the settings that matter.

Read about available plans and pricing.

Easily read, print and export data

Patient-submitted data is displayed clearly in simple charts and tables for easy analysis, alongside a full conversation transcript. Data can be printed or exported for further analysis or uploading to electronic patient record systems such as EMIS and SystmOne.

Manage team members and individual permissions

When you invite someone in your organisation to join your Florence Light team, you can set their permissions depending on what they need to do. Whether that’s viewing or editing patient records, or administration tasks such as billing and managing the team.

One team, one monthly invoice

Individual team members don’t need to worry about billing – they can focus on providing the best patient care instead. A single monthly invoice for the whole team is sent to your nominated admin contact.

Secure and confidential

Information Governance, Caldicott Guidelines, Data Protection Act, Information Commissioner Guidelines, secure servers – and what patients naturally and rightly expect of us when handling their personal data…

…we have them all covered.

Read more about our safety and security credentials here.

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