Add a new patient

Add a new patient to Florence Light easily with just a few very simple steps.

Log in with any device

The Florence Light web app has been designed so you can log in from virtually any device.

Merge Florence Light patient records

It is possible for a patient to have more than one Florence Light record and you may wish to merge them.

Someone else is using my patient’s mobile number

If your patient’s mobile number is being used by someone else on Florence Light, you will need to transfer the number to your patient before you can add them.

Choose a really good, secure password

The principles of information security require that all reasonable care is taken to prevent inappropriate access - this is where effective password management comes in.

I searched for my patient and saw a 'Help' button

If the search results for your patient’s mobile phone number show with a ‘Help’ button (rather than Add, Open or Request), here’s what you need to do.