Log in with any device

One of the great things about the Florence Light web app is you can log in from any internet-enabled device. This flexibility means you can use it in surgery on your desktop, at home visits using a tablet or mobile phone or while away from your desk.

On your desktop

Using your desktop computer, you’ll find a very straightforward design. We know many of the computer programs you have to use on a daily basis can be complex and frustrating, so we worked hard to make Florence Light as quick and easy as possible to use.

On your mobile or tablet

When you’re away for your desk – out on a home visit, or working away – you can use your mobile phone or tablet to log in to the same web app through your browser. The app has been optimised to work beautifully on smaller screens so you can add patients and view their records just as you would on your main desktop computer.

Keeping your devices up to date

We always recommend keeping your devices and browsers up to date with the latest maintenance and security updates. Older operating systems and browsers (such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8), can sometimes be susceptible to security flaws, but we recognise not everyone has upgraded yet. So if you’re waiting, the app will still work and be easy to use.

Regardless of the device, operating system and browser you use, check with your IT department and Caldicott Guardian that you’re always working as securely as possible.

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