We have already helped over 30,000 NHS patients take an active role in managing their own healthcare.

Flo: Telehealth with a human touch from The Health Foundation

All a patient needs is a basic mobile phone

It doesn’t have to be the latest smartphone – Florence Light uses basic text-messaging available on any mobile phone, old and new. So it’s accessible to as many patients as possible.

When you’ve set them up via your login, they’ll receive their first welcome text to confirm they want to start chatting with Flo and the rest happens naturally from then.

As a patient, being friends with Flo is easy

A lot of work goes into making Florence Light simple for everyone to use. For patients, it really couldn’t be any easier.

Flo sends a message …

She’ll ask a simple question such as “what’s your blood pressure today?” or “what’s your glucose level?” or “how is your mood today?”

… they reply with a reading

It’s a simple as that. No fuss. No intrusion. No time-consuming appointment. They do it and carry on with their day.

What patients get out of Florence Light goes far beyond simple text messaging. It helps them take back some control. It enables them to take an active part in managing their own health. It helps them spot when things are going off track. It helps them see when those small daily steps in the right direction are adding up to something bigger.

And Flo is friendly. Because kind words make a difference, too.

Supports existing treatments and agreed care plans

Flo works like another member of your clinical team, and supports many clinicians in their desire to provide the very best patient care. Florence Light is designed to work alongside the existing treatment and care plans you put in place for your patients.

Avoid unnecessary appointments, admissions and referrals

Florence is already helping to reduce the number and frequency of referrals and hospital admissions for many patients. This is great for patients through reduced stress of visits and represents significant cost saving opportunities for stretched health services.

Patients feel more engaged in their own healthcare

Florence Light helps patients feel more in control of their own conditions and treatments. Their sense of wellbeing is dramatically improved as a result. The clinical benefits of better medication compliance, lifestyle changes and stronger engagement are clear.

Safe and secure

Information Governance, Caldicott Guidelines, Data Protection Act, Information Commissioner Guidelines, secure servers – and what patients naturally and rightly expect of us when we’re handling their personal data…

… we have them all covered.

Read more about our credentials here.

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